Sunrise Garden Hills

Location: Makrirachi, Pelion, Greece

Project year: 2021

The “Sunrise Garden Hills” is located in the settlement of Makrirachi, in one of the mountainous areas of Eastern Pelion.

The goal that determined the character of the house is the creation of apartments adapted to the functional needs of a modern hostel with references to the traditional architecture of Pelion. In the twenty years pre– existing shell, we inculcated new life with drastic changes of the materials in interior and exterior spaces. We created with natural materials a hospitable environment assimilating the qualifications of the area, the green mountain and the Aegean Sea.
The view and orientation of the building led to the organization of semi – outdoor and outdoor spaces on all levels. An external staircase with steps intertwined with the stone wall, leads visitors through the gardens to the landscaped courtyard. The stone retaining walls delimit the “hanging” gardens with the sliding stairs connecting the country road with the entrance of the houses. The ascent to the entrance of the hostel, gradually reveals to the visitor the elements of the architectural identity of the project.
The building is developed on three levels. Each floor is an independent apartment. The ground floor and first floor contain two bedrooms, one of which has a private bathroom. In addition, they are complemented with a minimal living room and fireplace, kitchen with dining room area and a second shared bathroom. The second floor apartment has two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, a kitchen with dining room area and a living room with a fireplace.
The interior design of the apartments follows an organic form with oval forms of furniture and hand made wooden elements. Both the earthly plaster “kourasani” and the forms and materials of the furniture and objects in combination with the lighting create the feeling of the “familiar and warm space” of luxurious living.
In the lighting of the building, special emphasis was given both internally and externally. With the appropriate options, the feeling of relaxation is created and the details of the texture of the materials inside the building are revealed.
The occasional experience of living for a few days marks the playful alternation of flooring and monochrome walls with the “three-dimensional” kurasani.
The windows are there to travel the glance, as the poet Odisseas Elitis says, to discover Horizons… to promise the “further”…