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«Architectural studio 149: Dimitris Philippitzis & Associates» is a full service, highly personalized architectural firm serving mostly the Pelion district and Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos Islands.

Some of Our Works

Our Services

«Architectural studio 149: Dimitris Philippitzis & Associates», provides services of design, construction and supervision for private projects, such as main and vacation houses, hotels and public spaces, which concern either the maintenance of existing buildings or the creation of new ones.

The Team

Dimitris Philippitzis:

Dimitris Philippitzis finished the School of Architecture N.T.U. of Athens in 1980.

His concerns about addressing larger scale architectural issues, led him to Canada, where he got Master Degree in Urban Design at University of Toronto in 1982.

In 1985 he established in Volos as a freelancer, focusing in the design, supervision and construction of private projects. At the same time he founded with three other colleagues the “SINTHESI Ltb” focusing in public buildings. They gained a lot of awards by participating in competitions and they succeeded to have some of their buildings realized (e.x. the Department of Architecture and the Central Library of the University of Thessaly).

As an active citizen and seeing the architectural space as a particular social level action, he focuses on the vision of a more people-oriented city. “The bike and the bicycle tracks is the hint to regain the new city.”

Along with the activity as a freelancer architect, he is a lecturer since 2000 at the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly.

His work has been published in several magazines, and some of the projects have occurred in architectural exhibitions.

Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos:

Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos was born in 1987, in Volos.

He received his Diploma of Architecture from University of Thessaly and he has completed his postgraduate studies with specialization in Architectural Design.

He has received distinctions in architectural competitions and his projects have been published in the electronic and print media.

His work has been included in exhibitions of architectural work, both in Greece and abroad.

Stavros Voulgarakis:

Stavros Voulgarakis was born in Volos in 1991.

He graduated in 2013 from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Newcastle Univrsity in Newcastle, England.

Since then, he has worked in various positions with a common denominator in the construction and design in 3D models.

He completes his postgraduate studies in the Department of Architectural Engineering in University of Thessaly on the Reuse of Buildings.

He has participated in various workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Anastasia Boubouloudi

Anastasia Boubouloudi was born in Alexandroupoli in 1996.

She was graduated from Department of Architectural Engineering of  the University of Thessaly and since 2020 she is member of TCG.

During her studies she has participated in various workshops,  has attended first and second cycle of photography seminars and her job has been published in electronic media.

Helen Ganotopoulou:

Helen Ganotopoulou was born in Volos in 1987.

She has graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering of the University of Thessaly and since 2011 she is member of TCG.

She has been working as an architect since 2009 while in 2014 she completed her postgraduate studies at Msc in Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences -Msc Track: Building Technology – Sustainable Design, where she received “honourable mention” for her dissertation on biodegradable materials and their application in modern shells.

She has participated in various workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Aggeliki Teza:

Aggeliki Teza was born in 1978 and lives with his family in Volos. He is a civil engineer of the Institute of Applied Sciences. During her studies she won two excellence scholarships.

During her internship she worked in a technical office, which undertook surveying and environmental studies as well as housing studies. After her degree she worked for six years in architectural office, mainly to the design and construction of buildings in the urban fabric.

She belongs to the «Architectural studio 149: Dimitris Philippitzis & Associates» since 2009.